Retreat & Workshop Leadership

Do you have a retreat or workshop you’d like specialized leadership for?  Let’s talk!  I create single workshops, multiple workshops over the course of an event, and I can plan an entire weekend retreat theme with accompanying activities.

I offer a variety of topics, including:

*The Wisdom of Your Life-A retreat or workshop series helping participants map patterns in their lives to celebrate the good and explore ways to make changes to create a more fulfilling life.

*What Creative Play Can Teach Us About Ourselves-Can be a single workshop, multiple workshops, or a weekend retreat.  Participants will experiment with different creative outlets to discover skills they’ve forgotten or didn’t know they had!  Actionable resources to help grow & de-stress will be given out.

*Pass It On: Sharing Your Faith With Younger Generations-Can be as short as a 2-hour presentation or can be a weekend retreat theme.  Through a combination of keynote talks, hand-on activities & group discussion, participants will explore ways they can share their faith with their children and grandchildren, no matter their age or physical limitations.

*God & Creative Play-Can be as short as a 90-minute presentation, multiple workshop sessions, or can be a weekend retreat theme.  Participants will do a number of fun hands-on activities to get their creative juices flowing!  Scripture references and other materials will be shared to support the idea that God is the original Creator, and God created humans to be creative and PLAY!

*Ways to improve your life with small, incremental changes

*How to cope when things in your life change

*Dealing with the loss of a parent or other loved one

*Struggles with being obese

*Life before and after weight loss surgery

*Lack of self-worth & ways to combat your Inner Critic

*Happiness: how do you find it?

*Nobody understands me.  Why do I feel different from others?

Don’t see your topic here?  Please contact me at with your topic ideas.  I’m constantly researching new topics to share with groups.

Minimum time for one workshop during a retreat or a one-day event is 45 minutes.  Maximum time can be discussed.  Fees for workshop or retreat leadership and development depend on the length of time I’m leading and how far I have to travel if you’re in the greater Philadelphia area.  Please email me with your ideas and I’ll send you a quote.

I also lead online workshops, so if you have the technology to show my presentation to your group, please contact me!