Weight Loss Surgery Support

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My life was forever changed August 9, 2016.  That’s when I had gastric bypass surgery.

I developed a severe stricture about 1 month post-op and was very sick during the next few months.  It took 3 weeks of testing and 2 multiple-day hospital stays to diagnose the stricture.  After being diagnosed, I underwent 4 endoscopic stretching procedures to widen the stricture and let food and liquid pass through.  I was on a PICC line at home for a month with a feeding bag attached 16 hours a day.

During my illness, I searched for online groups, classes, and resources to help me adjust to the mental and emotional changes needed to be successful after surgery.

All I found was nutritional info, exercise suggestions, and supplement recommendations.  If I had been able to follow those during my pre-op life, I wouldn’t have needed surgery.

I knew I needed more than my hospital’s bariatric surgery program had to offer.

So I created the course I wish I had post-op.  It’s called “Success and Support for Weight-Loss Surgery.”  It’s a 12-week course which includes group coaching, accountability, education, actionable resources, and support for the mental and emotional aspects of being obese and choosing surgery.  Please click on the link before or the box on the side bar to get more information and find out when the next class begins.

Success & Support for Weight Loss Surgery 12-week class