What Does a Life Coach Do

Merriam Webster’s definition of a Life Coach is: “An advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.”

Life Coaching involves listening to a person’s hopes and dreams, then working with that person to design and implement a plan to move the person toward living out those hopes and dreams.

A Life Coach does NOT develop the plan, advise the client about which decision to make, do the work for the client, provide counseling, or diagnose a client’s situation or problems.

A Life Coach DOES guide the client in the process of understanding where they are currently and help them figure out where they want to go.  Goal setting is often involved in this process.

Once that work is done, a Life Coach will ask questions and provide resources to help the client determine how to proceed, how to define success, and what the desired end result will be.  The CLIENT is the one who makes these decisions with the guidance of the Life Coach.

More in-depth information about Life Coaching can be found in the FREE resource The Complete Guide to Life Coaching.

I have provided Life Coaching services for many years in both personal and professional settings.


Areas in which I have personal and professional coaching experience include:

*Death of a parent or other loved ones

*Job loss

*Relocation & leaving behind a life you love

*Discerning your purpose & calling in life

*How to decide what your next move will be in your job or career

*Setting & achieving goals in any area of your life

*Dealing with obesity & deciding what weight-loss options are best for you

*Support & setting you up for success before & after weight-loss surgery-Focus is on the mental & emotional changes necessary to make surgery work for you


My rate is $50 for a 60-minute session, with a minimum of 6 weekly sessions recommended for goal achievement and progress toward what you identify as the desired end result.  You will receive a 20-minute FREE consultation with me to help you decide if I will be a good fit for you.  Phone, Skype, and in-person (if you’re in the greater Philadelphia area) sessions are available. 

Email me at Hello@YourListeningEar.com for more information and to schedule a session.  I’m excited to hear from you and look forward to supporting you on your journey toward fulfilling your dreams!